Somatic Body Work

Somatic bodywork can be used to treat a variety of conditions, including pain, stress, anxiety, and depression.

You’re in the right place if any of the following resonate with you.

  • Highly sensitive people are often drawn to practices and lifestyles that help them live in harmony with their innate sensitivities. Some of the things they enjoy include yoga, meditation, nature walks, and spending time alone.
  • Self-care is key to avoiding cycles of exhaustion and stress. By taking care of yourself, you can avoid being overwhelmed and stressed out, which will help you be more productive and efficient in your work.
  • Although you have had success working with traditional coaches or therapists, you are still feeling stuck. Traditional coaching and therapy can be helpful for some people, but for others, they may not provide the relief they are looking for.
  • Would you like help getting more in tune with your intuition? Somatic Bodywork can help take some of the pressure off so that you can access your guidance more easily.
  • You have trouble processing your emotions and feel limited in how you express yourself.
  • In order to find a life and profession that is more in line with your essential self, it is important to look at the things you are passionate about.
  • There are a few things you can do to help regulate your nervous system so you can respond more easily and enjoy life more.
  • Shifting your focus away from negative thoughts and behaviors can help you feel more free and fulfilled in your life.
  • To improve your quality of life, you should pay attention to the signals your body gives you. These cues can indicate when it is time to make changes in your lifestyle or take on new challenges, and can help you achieve success in both personal and professional endeavors.
  • I am here to help you process difficult emotions in a way that is safe and healthy for you.
  • I work with people who are seeking to change their lives for the better, and I am confident that I can help you achieve this as well.
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Our creative process is an alternative to Counseling, in that our sessions help encourage you with the positive, necessary support and training to overcome the challenges you face.

We provide a hands-on creative approach so you can understand your mind and your heart. Integrating both, to help move trapped emotions in your body that can manifest as pain.

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